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About The Inuvik Youth Centre

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What Does The Inuvik Youth Centre Do?

The Inuvik Youth Centre supports the youth of Inuvik by providing a welcoming and holistic facility that delivers progressive programming that promotes and encourages integrity, accountability, respect, acceptance and responsibility.

Our aim is to help youth gain the confidence, skills and awareness necessary to effectively address the social challenges they are facing. We encourage them to become active, contributing members of the community, by providing a drop-in space and programmed events which supply them with the opportunities and support necessary to develop and realize their individual strengths and capacities.

Who Are The Inuvik Youth Centre Staff?

Cheryl Zaw
Cheryl ZawExecutive Director
Cheryl is one of the newest member of the youth centre team. Raised in Camrose, AB Cheryl has travelled extensively and relocated to Inuvik in March 2017 with her husband and two children to work with the Youth Centre. Cheryl’s hobbies are varied. She enjoys making music, cooking, playing around with technology, and figuring out how to do things that no one does. Cheryl is committed to providing youth with positive opportunities for active play, self-expression and unique learning options.
Gailanne Raddi
Gailanne Raddi
Gail joined the youth centre team in December 2017. She is an extremely talented craftsperson who leads youth in traditional sewing and beading projects. A mother of 7, Gail has extensive experience with children and youth both personally and professionally. Gail has maintained her connection to the land, going out hunting, fishing and whaling regularly and processing traditional foods and furs for their families use and to share with elders and individuals in need. Gail is a Canadian Ranger and has recently started up a Junior Canadian Rangers group in Inuvik.
Clara Omilgoituk
Clara Omilgoituk
Clara joined the youth centre team in December 2017. Clara has studied business administration at Aurora College and is a very organized individual. She has experience working in a children’s day home and loves to find unique activities for our younger participants to enjoy. Clara loves preparing fresh and nutritious snacks for the youth and ensuring the centre is clean, safe and orderly. Clara loves listening to music and can often be found mixing clean playlists for the centre.
Delaney Arey
Delaney AreyProgram Support Worker
Delaney has lived in Inuvik her entire life. Her hobbies are Target shooting and eating pizza. She has worked and volunteered at the Inuvik Youth Centre for a long time. Delaney enjoys working at the Inuvik youth centre because the kids are always up to something exciting!
Cameron Wolki-Jacobson
Cameron Wolki-Jacobson
Cameron has been living in Inuvik all his life. His hobbies include playing guitar, listening to music and playing video games. Cameron is an avid athlete and loves nothing more than time on the field/court. Stop by the YC while he’s working if you ever want a free guitar lesson!
Kenny Stewart
Kenny Stewart
Kenny has lived in Inuvik all his life. He started his work here at the youth centre by volunteering his time with the kids. His hobbies include playing guitar, skateboarding, and going out on the land. Kenny is committed to finding the best coffee in the world, and even when fully caffeinated he’s the chillest guy.
Faith Raymond
Faith RaymondResident Artist & Activist
Faith grew up in Inuvik and attended the youth centre as a volunteer starting when she was 14 years old. Her hobbies include reading, writing, and making art. She considers herself an activist for Inuit youth, and has participated in many conferences out of town as an Inuit youth representative. You’ll likely find Faith learning Uummarmiut, playing with new art mediums or glued to a computer screen making cool graphics.
Peter Greenland
Peter Greenland
Peter is on a full-time internship with Gwich’in Tribal Council who graciously allow us to borrow him on evenings and weekends. Peter has training and experience as an outdoor expedition guide and believes in the value of getting youth out on the land regularly. Peter loves playing guitar and is always ready to get in on a game of basketball or a board game. You can usually find Peter at the centre on Saturday afternoons and evenings.

Who Leads The Inuvik Youth Centre?

The Inuvik Youth Centre Society is led by a Board of Directors.  The board is currently made up of:

Chair – Jordan Peterson

Vice-Chair – Melanie Adams

Treasurer – Sean Poitra

Secretary – Terrance Allen

Director – Jonathan Wood

Director – Seema Allahdini

If you are interested in serving as a board member, please contact us for further info. Our AGM occurs in September each year when we are generally looking to elect new members. We are committed to maintaining strong indigenous representation as well as gender and racial diversity on the board.

Our Beloved Sponsors

We Take Pride In Helping Inuvik Youth.

The Inuvik Youth Centre is a drop-in centre for youth aged 5 to 18 which supports youth in becoming healthy, productive and successful adults.

Mission Statement

Working in partnership with the community to support the development of youth.

Vision Statement

Healthy, productive and successful youth.


We are committed to fostering collaborative partnerships with different stakeholders in the community to meet our common goals.


We, board members, staff and volunteers will at all times conduct ourselves in an honest, transparent and reliable manner.


We will honour the diversity and dignity of all individuals and will foster an environment that is respectful and fair.


We seek to empower youth to take initiative in their lives.


We are dedicated to fulfilling our mission through our commitment to the organization and through the provision of quality programming.

Good Stewardship

We will administer our resources by acceptable standards, show fiscal responsibility, and be accountable for our actions and decisions.